Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best games for iPad

So you got a newest gadget in your hand? The latest accessories for all gadgets fans will be out there soon. It is the best widget for fulfilling your greed of playing games, exploring the internet, playing videos and audios, thousands and thousands of apps on that small device. I think it is not yet in the market, but it will be on April 3rd. So get ready to grasp on this piece for $499.

Here are the best games for iPad released by Brad Spirrison, Appolicious
Source: Yahoo Videogames

Flight Control HD

For iPad, this game will definitely be a hit as iPhone version of this game will rock your iPad with an HD version. Yahoo source says that it would cost around $4.99 for download of the game. Moreover, game enthusiasts will have split screen technology function to challenge their skill.
Game will be found here:

Zen Bound 2
As iPad will be releasing soon, most of the game developers are now focusing on developing games from iPad. Zen Bound is also an iPhone game will be shortly available as soon as iPad hits market.

NBA Hotshot HD
For NBA fans, this game will definitely give extra pinch for iPad owners, in HD format.

Plants and Zombies
Yet another iPhone game will be soon available for iPad version.

Real Racing HD
For Racing fans, this game when plays on HD format,, it will definitely give you an essence to the next real thing.

Ladyrinth 2 HD
As soon as iPad is on the market, you can download this game for $7.99.

Harbor Master
HD format game for iPad. Make sure to check out soon!

Enigmo Delux
For game fanatic people who love puzzle games can play in HD format on iPad for just $9.99 download cost.

Cro-Mag Rally
As soon as iPad hits market, you will be able to download this game for $9.99.

(Source: Yahoo, Copyright to respected writers)

April 3rd is the day for iPad release. So check out for release and best games for iPad.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Demi Moore saves man from committing suicide

Demi Moore saw this disturbing message in her Twitter which said that a man from Florida was going to kill himself. The man said he was going to hang himself. Later Demi Moore tweeted "R U rlly asking 4 help?"

Nia Vardalos, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, also got disturbed by the man's suicide threat in Twitter and later she called officals about the threat. The police went to unnamed house and took the man to hospital.

She thanked twitter and said "Thank you twitterverse for your help supporting someone in pain last night," in her tweets.

Officials said the man is doing good now but didn't disclose his name.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Watch Satellite TV On PC - Save money and watch more than 3000 channels

Satellite TV is something that is seen in every houses these days, and they are very popular because of many popular TV shows, dramas, reality shows, sports, musics, movies and the list goes on and on. Even for kids, satellite TV is considered very essential because of many educational shows, cartoons, nature shows, science shows and learning shows. Whether you are a teenager or a family person, you need something relaxing and entertaining and that is when you turn on your TV.

However, for some the cost of Satellite TV can be very expensive because normally you may have to pay around $50 to $100 for a cable TV with many channels. This seems to drag money out of your pocket even though you don't want t pay that much for watching TV. Even though you did, you are not always satisfied with the TV programs. That really sucks!, you only have few dozen of TV shows and sometimes non of them are entertaining your spare time.

Do you know that you can actually watch Satellite TV on PC? You are probably thinking that you would need Satellite Dish for that, but you don't need any hardwares to watch live Satellite TV shows on your PC. All you need to do is download some software and thats it. You wouldn't believe how many channels can you watch on your PC instead of your TV for free.

Today I am taking about this special software that is being so much talked about these days. This software insanely receives Free Satellite TV feeds and brings on your PC. By getting this software you will save lots of hassles.

Lets talk about some benefits of this Software
  • No installation costs of hardwares
  • You can watch Satellite TV on your laptop
  • More than 3000 channels are available from around the world
  • No more getting cable TV commercials because now you will get feeds directly from TV stations
Make sure you have good internet connection in order to watch satellite TV on PC.

Kari Ann Peniche sextape flashed

Once again celebrity scandal is circulating around the internet. A private sex tape of Kari Ann, a former Miss Teen of US has been leaked. In the tape, she is seen with what it seems like Eric Dane, not just the couple but with his wife Rebecca Gayhear. Yes, unbelievably this seems to be a threesome act.

Eric and his wife, and a friend is responsible for circulating the scandalous sex tape, says most of the initial report from various sources.

In the tape, it seems Gray is behind the camera and looks like she is in nude. Eric, his wife and former Miss Teen of US, Kari Ann are seen altogether in a bathtub, the video suggests.

This news, once again, taking internet by storm by now, and yet to be confirmed what they have to say about it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to make Irish Car Bomb - Easy Cocktail Drink

It is the name of a politically incorrect cocktail drink which is popular in Ireland. The first Irish Car bomb was created back in 1979 by a bartender, an instructor and an entrepreneur named Charles Burke Cronin Oat from Norwich C.T.

Due to its controversial name, some bartenders refuse to make this drink. But now you can make Irish Car Bomb yourself and blast with it.

Now lets talk about ingredients that you will need to make Irish Car Bomb

  • Guinness Beer or any stout beer ( 3/4 pint)
  • Irish cream liqueur (1/2 shot): Usually Bailey's
  • Irish whiskey (1/2 shot): Jameson is a better choice

Take a pint glass and fill it up the beer ( 3/4 pint)
Take a shot glass half fill Irish cream and the rest half with Irish whiskey.
Now quickly drop the shot glass into pint glass, and enjoy your Irish Car Bomb cocktail.


Man gets arrested for Facebook status update

Michael E. Sullivan from Buffalo Grove, Illinois was arrested for writing something disturbing in his Facebook status update.He wrote "Michael E. Sullivan is again ready to start killing indiscriminately. I'm going to put Vernon Hills on the freakin map," and due to this he got arrested.

Of course he was just kidding, but Police took him behind bars, and then released on $75 bail. Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace are seriously looking over members messages in websites. We all do make jokes and vents in the websites, but now it can get your into trouble.
So guys, don't make jokes on Facebook anymore!

Undercover in the online world - Investigators on the internet

What you might not know is that at this very moment you could be talking with a Federal agent who is talking to you as a hot girl or a guy, or your new found friend who likes to share things with you. Law enforcement agents are now engaging themselves into the internet for tracking criminals.

Investigators are now checking out for suspects and crimes which can be tracked from social networking websites especially like Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook. It will help investigators to find about their whereabouts. For example: Online photos of suspected people posing with guns, expensive jewelery, fancy cars and motorbikes, can lead to other suspects or to their friends, says online undercover investigators.

The undercover in the online world should be able to go same as the job is done in the real world, says Marc Zwillinger, a former U.S. cybersecurity persecutor.

MySpace and Facebook are open to this investigation to track down both offline and online criminals, however, Twitter lawyers told prosecutors that they would need a warrant before sharing public information.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

World's Fattest Mom wants to become world's fattest woman

Donna Simpson, a 42 year old obese mom wants to grab the title of 'world's fattest woman'. She eats huge piles of junk foods everyday, and she is gaining more weight very fast. She doesn't move too much, she eats about 12000 calories every day which are just making this woman fat everyday. She is now pretty determine to become fattest woman on the planet.

She already have world record for 'World Fattest Mother' and now she wants more, she told the Daily Mail newspaper. Currently her weight is 273kg. The target weight that she wants to reach is 450kg.

Now you wouldn't believe that she has this website where she broadcast her junk dining from live cam, and men pay money to see her eating, reported by the Daily Mail. All this is because she has to fund massive $750 weekly shopping in grocery stores to get more foods. Her partner, Philippe, is also supporting her desire to reach the goal to become Worlds Fattest Woman.

Is she giving an perfect example as a good mom who says gaining weight is a healthy and nice? ? She has a 3 year old daughter.

Monday, March 15, 2010

50 worst job interview mistakes

Finding a job is tough job. After submitting an application for a job you then wait for a phone call.
Now when you are called for a job interview, you need to understand that you DON"T want to make the TOP 50 worst job interview mistakes, do you?

Here are the top 50 mistakes that you don't want to do in a job interview.

  1. Arriving late or too early for interview.
  2. Smoking a cigarette before the interview. You might smell bad.
  3. Saying bad things about previous job or complaining about it.
  4. Exaggerating yourself
  5. Wearing untidy outfit.
  6. Looking sideways when you talk
  7. Shaving is ok, but putting too much aftershave or cologne is bad.
  8. Putting sunglass in your front pocket.
  9. Forgetting to switch off your mobile
  10. Not doing a little research on the employer history.
  11. Showing nervousness and in hurry..
  12. Asking questions about benefits.
  13. Asking about salary that you expect
  14. Failing to make impression on your potential and abilities related to the job
  15. Moving hands too much when answering questions.
  16. Improper way of writing CV and portfolio.
  17. Forgetting about things that you wrote in your CV
  18. Not asking questions
  19. Asking too many questions.
  20. Not preparing some questions related to the job
  21. Not keeping your eye to the person who is asking the questions and nodding head too much.
  22. Talking about unrelated things.
  23. Not paying attention to your interviewer.
  24. Failing to communicate properly with your interviewer.
  25. Moving legs during the interview
  26. Slouching
  27. Bringing your friend or your mom in the interview.
  28. Putting your hand on your chin as if you are thinking too much.
  29. Smiling is good, but laughing is bad.
  30. Saying words like ' ahh', 'umm', 'you know'
  31. Saying 'phew' at a time.
  32. Shaking hands weakly.
  33. Taking a seat before your interviewer say so.
  34. Being aggressive or defensive.
  35. Speaking rudely to receptionist.
  36. Saying you use Facebook or any other social networking sites.
  37. Replying very quickly to interviewer's question
  38. Replying very slowly to interviewer's question
  39. Saying "I will try my best", instead you can say "I will give my best"
  40. Writing fancy email address on your CV. Just make it plain and simple.
  41. Making jokes
  42. Stopping the interviewer when they are saying or asking something
  43. Saying " I think" too much when you are answering.
  44. Answering questions by guessing
  45. Not explaining why you are best for the job
  46. Forgetting names of the interviewers
  47. Forgetting name of the company
  48. Forget to say "Thank you" at the end of the interview
  49. Keep door open when you leave.
  50. Telling your interviewer that you read "The 50 worst job-interview mistakes" at
Good luck!

Surprising discovery beneath the Antarctic ice

Scientist who believed nothing could exist except few microbes were surprised to see a mysterious tentacle of what they believe came from a jellyfish from six hundred feet below in massive Antarctic ice sheet. While the camera was unraveling the depth of the ocean a mysterious creature which looked like a shrimp came near and hovered around the camera's cable.

The question is how a life can exist so deep. NASA ice scientist Robert Bindschadler is surprised to discover life beneath that deep, and thinks there may be more secrets yet to discover. ((AP Photo/NASA))

Minute to win it - Chance to win $1 million

This is show is exciting I must say. Unlike 'who wants to be millionaire' or 'the Amazing Race', contestant are put through various physical stunts. Its so simple!, they have to complete 10 tasks, each in one minutes.
Sounds Simple eh? but not as simple as you are imagining how it is easy now-a-days to win a million bucks.

Not only physical capabilities are put on test but also contestants have to test their extreme skill on balancing objects.

You think this show will be another hit?

China warns Google

China warns Google and says if Google doesn't comply with censorship laws, they will pay the consequence, says Chinese top internet officials.

China wants to censor but Google doesn't want do it. China says they have priorities to preserve the nation interest. Chinese government won't compromise on anything that affects their society, system and their health. Google just might shutdown its Chinese Search Engine. Of course, China is a very big market and has huge internet users. With already banned major market websites like Facebook, YouTube, and many other popular sites, Google has to make decision very quick whether they can shut off their service in the biggest market in the world or not.

David Beckham Injury

The 2010 world cup will not be seeing the magical moment from star football player, David Beckham, due to torn Achilles tendon injury. The dream of playing fourth world cup has been shattered away into pieces and now England will face major loss due to David Beckham Injury, as he was stretchered away for medical attention.

David Beckham is now flying to Finland for surgery during when the World Cup 2010 will start. So no more magical moment of this superstar will be seen in this world cup.

Making money with twitter

It is true that Twitter can be boring as hell. You might have some other better things than wasting your time on Twitter. But what you may not know is that this sucking time can really start up earning

Many big and small companies are sponsoring to tweets and advertise ( posting ads) around the network. This is really simple to do, but you have to be careful on some point. The main important thing is DON"T OVER DO IT!.

Okay lets get started then>>

What you need?
First of all, you will need a Twitter Account
You can go in their website:
Sign up there!

Sign up sponsored twitter websites:
Here is one site:
You need 50 followers to get started ie posting ads but I will tell how to get that in following steps. Once you get them, you will be paid to post ads.

And PayPal account.

How to get hundreds of followers?

You can't just sit in front of your computer and search for hundreds, even thousands of twitters. And you don't want to spend hours and hours spending on the internet finding websites which have 'follow me' icon and clicking them all day along. This will just take ages.
You need something like Phoenix Twitter Desktop download the software and install in your computer.

You will need to install .Net Framework, If you don't have it, the software will not install. So before you install the software, you better get the latest .Net here.

Now, you can install the software. Open it and Go to New Account Manager Window. Now you need to login with your twitter account. Click on New tab and put your login name and password.

After that, go to New Friend Adder Window, and login with your account. On Finding Friend Methods, you need to put keywords based on your interest eg: make money on twitter, weight loss, acnes, insurances etc etc.
Click GO!

Now it will start to add friends. Just keep an eye on status.

You will following only for now. In one or two days, you will start to get followers. At this point you need to make sure other people are following you, if they are not following in next 24 hours, just delete them.

Once you have enough followers, you will be asked to post ads and you will get paid.

It is up to you how much you can earn and what other techniques you will use.
But don't over do it, you will get BANNED.

Earn some bucks now!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Craziest motorcycle riders

Take a look at these craziest motorcycle riders in real life. Do you think only F1 and sports bikers are extreme riders? Well think again!

Looking 10 years younger with sheep placenta

They say they can give you 10 years younger look by their anti-aging medicine.
Sheep Planceta!!!
Huge surges of medicines have spurred in these 5 years, and now spreading all over the world. I used to read one comic of Mandrake where in future people will buy and sell human organs, and they will have anti-aging pills, so they can live longer and look younger forever. Looks like that time has started already.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Online Money Making Secrets

From today daily poops will also include secrets and techniques to earn money from internet. I will be sharing some of my stuffs that helped me to earn easy money from online business and other strategies.

Many people are earning big amount of money each, each second as we speak from internet. Each you have to learn something new and apply it immediately. Having patience is what you need in this business. Besides, you need to find all information before you implement your money making schemes. All you have to do is to sharpen your focus toward your goal and your plans.

I will keep you inform on how you can make money online on my next post. However, I will be still writing about weird news, interesting stuff, and funny facts.

Thanks to all
Daily Poops

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cool flash game

Flash Games can be fun sometime but also boring. This one is not that boring but its okay.

Click here for more games from!

Tell me your high score!

Spot the ball contest

Find the right spot of the football and get US $5

Look Carefully in the picture and tell us where you think the ball is. There are total 7 spots, but only one spot is the actual spot of the football. You have to guess which one is the right one.

If you know the answer, then post your answer in the comment box.
Please post your answer in the comment box in following format

My name is.... and my location is....
The ball is in spot no: X

Please use a valid email address because we will need to confirm the information in case you win.
You must have PayPal in order to receive the cash prize.

(Only one winner will be selected)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Smoking killed me

This is a story of Albert "Dick" Whittamore who died in January. His dead body was put into a coffin box with an unusual message for the world to see. He suffered from lung disease 'emphysema'.He died at the age of 85. He wanted to put a sign reading 'Smoking Killed Me' in the window inside his hearse and also in his coffin box after his death. Then it passed around his home town of Dover, Kent. The News was circulated all over UK and to rest of the world.

Mysterious object spotted in space

It's not a Star, nor a Galaxy, not even a Meteor or Asteroid, says scientists from NASA. They have never seen anything like this before. So what is it?

The speed of this thing is 10,000 mph. They even named this sucker -P/2010-A2, and it was discovered back in January y NASA's Hubble Telescope.

Now guys from NASA says that since they have never ever seen like this before they predicted that it is a collision of two Asteroids. As it has strange 'x' shape, many people believe it might something that we have never imagined, or heard of before.

Science Fiction guys probably are working on to make a breakthrough point of view to describe the object in the sky.
I just wonder if NASA always published such reports on mysterious phenomenon in far universe, or maybe they know what that mysterious object spotted in space.

World pillow fight day

So you thought pillow fights are only for girls on their bedroom? Think again. On April 3rd 2010, a massive fight armoring with pillow will occur on that day. In more than 100 cities around the world, this amazing day will bring thousands and thousands of people unite together and hitting each other by their pillows in all the cities where it is celebrated. Mostly popularized via internet, the world pillow fight day is one of the unique and not-so-talked-about festival. People hit each other will pillows so no question arises regarding getting injured.

You have plenty of time to call your friends, make a plan and prepare to celebrate world pillow fight day on April 3rd 2010

Junk Food Addiction

Junk foods can be addicted as drugs, says researchers from the Scripps Research institute in Florida. They have discovered that junk foods which are high in calories can be extremely addictive like drugs. This is called junk food addiction.

Junk foods like Pizzas, Hamburgers, Fries, Doughnuts and others are just enough to make you like a drug addict but for foods.

Generally in obese people, such addiction is seen in high level, because most of the time obese people gets nervous when they are starving. But not only them, even lean thin people can be seriously addicted to junk foods.

An experiment was held on three groups of lab rats. For the first group of rats, they were given regular diet of healthy foods. The second group of rats were given given limited amount junk foods. The third groups were given foods with high calories like cookies, donut and meats.

The rats in the first two groups displayed no changes, while the rats in the third group quickly gained weight.

The results were as follows:
The first groups didn't show much change. Same thing happened to those rats who were fed with junk foods. The third groups gained weight.
Then the scientists made another experiment with those rats by using electrical stimulations. They found the second groups show that they needed more food to feel good than other groups of rats. In conclusion it showed that same thing happens to human being.

"This is the most complete evidence to date that suggests obesity and drug addiction have common neurobiological underpinnings," said study coauthor Paul Johnson.

Moreover it was seen that drug addiction and junk foods have similar level of creating an addiction on people.
Other report showed that in some adults who claimed they can not live without sugar said they would become depress if they didn't take sweets. Sweets can alleviate stress. Adults and even children takes sweets when they need to feel good, and this goes on and on. This is Junk Food Addiction