50 worst job interview mistakes

Finding a job is tough job. After submitting an application for a job you then wait for a phone call.
Now when you are called for a job interview, you need to understand that you DON"T want to make the TOP 50 worst job interview mistakes, do you?

Here are the top 50 mistakes that you don't want to do in a job interview.

  1. Arriving late or too early for interview.
  2. Smoking a cigarette before the interview. You might smell bad.
  3. Saying bad things about previous job or complaining about it.
  4. Exaggerating yourself
  5. Wearing untidy outfit.
  6. Looking sideways when you talk
  7. Shaving is ok, but putting too much aftershave or cologne is bad.
  8. Putting sunglass in your front pocket.
  9. Forgetting to switch off your mobile
  10. Not doing a little research on the employer history.
  11. Showing nervousness and in hurry..
  12. Asking questions about benefits.
  13. Asking about salary that you expect
  14. Failing to make impression on your potential and abilities related to the job
  15. Moving hands too much when answering questions.
  16. Improper way of writing CV and portfolio.
  17. Forgetting about things that you wrote in your CV
  18. Not asking questions
  19. Asking too many questions.
  20. Not preparing some questions related to the job
  21. Not keeping your eye to the person who is asking the questions and nodding head too much.
  22. Talking about unrelated things.
  23. Not paying attention to your interviewer.
  24. Failing to communicate properly with your interviewer.
  25. Moving legs during the interview
  26. Slouching
  27. Bringing your friend or your mom in the interview.
  28. Putting your hand on your chin as if you are thinking too much.
  29. Smiling is good, but laughing is bad.
  30. Saying words like ' ahh', 'umm', 'you know'
  31. Saying 'phew' at a time.
  32. Shaking hands weakly.
  33. Taking a seat before your interviewer say so.
  34. Being aggressive or defensive.
  35. Speaking rudely to receptionist.
  36. Saying you use Facebook or any other social networking sites.
  37. Replying very quickly to interviewer's question
  38. Replying very slowly to interviewer's question
  39. Saying "I will try my best", instead you can say "I will give my best"
  40. Writing fancy email address on your CV. Just make it plain and simple.
  41. Making jokes
  42. Stopping the interviewer when they are saying or asking something
  43. Saying " I think" too much when you are answering.
  44. Answering questions by guessing
  45. Not explaining why you are best for the job
  46. Forgetting names of the interviewers
  47. Forgetting name of the company
  48. Forget to say "Thank you" at the end of the interview
  49. Keep door open when you leave.
  50. Telling your interviewer that you read "The 50 worst job-interview mistakes" at dailypoops.blogspot.com
Good luck!