Best games for iPad

So you got a newest gadget in your hand? The latest accessories for all gadgets fans will be out there soon. It is the best widget for fulfilling your greed of playing games, exploring the internet, playing videos and audios, thousands and thousands of apps on that small device. I think it is not yet in the market, but it will be on April 3rd. So get ready to grasp on this piece for $499.

Here are the best games for iPad released by Brad Spirrison, Appolicious
Source: Yahoo Videogames

Flight Control HD

For iPad, this game will definitely be a hit as iPhone version of this game will rock your iPad with an HD version. Yahoo source says that it would cost around $4.99 for download of the game. Moreover, game enthusiasts will have split screen technology function to challenge their skill.
Game will be found here:

Zen Bound 2
As iPad will be releasing soon, most of the game developers are now focusing on developing games from iPad. Zen Bound is also an iPhone game will be shortly available as soon as iPad hits market.

NBA Hotshot HD
For NBA fans, this game will definitely give extra pinch for iPad owners, in HD format.

Plants and Zombies
Yet another iPhone game will be soon available for iPad version.

Real Racing HD
For Racing fans, this game when plays on HD format,, it will definitely give you an essence to the next real thing.

Ladyrinth 2 HD
As soon as iPad is on the market, you can download this game for $7.99.

Harbor Master
HD format game for iPad. Make sure to check out soon!

Enigmo Delux
For game fanatic people who love puzzle games can play in HD format on iPad for just $9.99 download cost.

Cro-Mag Rally
As soon as iPad hits market, you will be able to download this game for $9.99.

(Source: Yahoo, Copyright to respected writers)

April 3rd is the day for iPad release. So check out for release and best games for iPad.