Friday, February 26, 2010

Fastest roller coaster in the world

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is yet to open this year. So you think you have been in the roller coaster, and you have experience the speed. Now all your hope for getting into extreme sport will become a reality when you will be in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi this year. Just 10 minutes from the International airport, the Ferrari World will blow all speed lovers mind away.

The Ferrari world will be the world's fastest roller coaster speeding over 200 km/h (125mph) making your need for speed go wild. An article from New York Time says the speed might just go just around 150 mph. Not much information has been released yet on this fanatic ride which could double the number of visitors this year. However, the most appealing feature of Ferrari World will be the giant red-domed roof resembling the trademark of Ferrari. Many other attractions will facilitates visitors, but main theme would be the fastest roller coaster in the world.

Is time travel theoretically possible

Time and Space has been two mysterious entities for mankind for thousands of years. Many believe that time travel is possible. But what does Science say about? What does physics says about it?

The idea has been slurring from centuries and centuries. Within a century we have came across many theories, mostly science fictional, and many perceptions from scientists, theorists and some individual believers. In this universe where billions and billions of galaxies reside, we always are looking for one question, the truth about our universe. Is it really ours? even that is to be answered.

Michio Kaku, an specialist in Superstring Theory, says" There is no law in physics preventing time travel". He further explains how Einstein's wrote in his memoirs that he was really disturbed by his own equation that allowed time travel. Isaak Newton thought that time was like an arrow and it never deviates, then later Einstein explained that time was like a river and has whirlpools. Einstein's office mate, Kurt Godel ( great logician, mathematician and philosopher) found a solution to Einstein's equation which allowed time travel. Kurt's theory was that if universe is rotating, and if anyone go around with it, you could come back before you left. However, Einstein was not that worried because he explained that the universe was not rotating but it was expanding.

There had been hundreds of explanations on time travel since the Einstein's theory. But Kurt explains, using Einstein's equation that shows time travel, that the energy required to bend time and space for time travel is equal to the energy of an exploding star. This is only possible in a black hole.Other scientists believe that the universe is rotating and there are wormholes which is the pathway for time travel.

One interesting news that swayed all around the world was a guy named HÃ¥kan Nordkvist from Sweden claimed that on the afternoon the 30th of August of 2006 went through the wormholes and met himself as an old men who he thought was around 70 years old. He is a plumber and on that afternoon when we was cleaning a sink, he sneaked the wormhole and went back to the future.

Now whether he is hoaxing this up or maybe he really sneaked in to the future, time travel is something that we can not imagine happening very often. Some news have claimed that there some scientists who are making a first time machine.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

World's smallest woman pregnant

The world's smallest woman, a mother and a wife is now world's smallest pregnant women

She is just 2ft 4ins tall, and already a mother of two, is again pregnant and her third child will be born soon sometime soon in 2010. Her name is Stacey Herald, and she suffers from rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which in simpler term means she failed to grow. She is world's smallest mom, and now she is again world's smallest woman pregnant.

She was married to her husband back in 2004. Now she has two children, and again she is getting ready to get an other one. Doctor says this could be dangerous for her health. The third might just kill her. But Stacey and her husband have already decided to get with it.

Killer whale kills trainer

Woman trainer got killed by a serial killer whale at the Shamu Stadium.
(Photo from Taken in 2005)

February 24, 2010
At Sea World in Florida, Dawn Brancheau, the Whale trainer, was dragged inside the water in front of many spectators and was killed. A 12,00 pound Whale grabbed her inside the pool when the veteran trainer was exhibiting the show to spectators at the Shamu stadium in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday. An eyewitness said that she was grabbed very fast in her upper arm. The attack was very violent, her shoes flew when the whale took her down.

A normal show was going on with around 40-50 audiences when suddenly Tilikum, the Whale, grabbed Brancheau and pulled her in. At first many thought it was a part of the play, but things started to look suspicious when the whale started to swimming around her. Immediately the alarm was heard in the moment of despair. The audiences were moved out from the stadium while other workers tried to get her out. Another two eye witness who were underwater viewing the area said they saw a big killer whale grabbing a woman in its mouth. Everyone is stunned with the incident.

However, the whale was not responding as good as before on that particular day. But the most important and shocking news was Tilikum was responsible for two tragic deaths before that unfortunate event. It is quite unusual for the park administration how such serial killer whale was allowed to perform.

Dawn Brancheau had 16 years of experience with many whale even with one 30-year-old whale. She was a leading trainer in the park.

How to tell if your cat is planning on killing you

So if you have a cat, be aware, your cat maybe planning on killing you. Now do not get carried way with their behavior, someday, somewhere, your cat is planning for an attack.

Read this and you will find out when and how your cat is planning on a kill.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Color of roses meaning

If you haven't thought of color of roses meaning, then you must start this now. Every color of rose has some meaning. Roses don't just signifies love and affection, but they have deeper meanings.
Let's explore some of the colors that have different meanings:

Red Rose:

Perhaps this is most popular color that anyone understand and knows that when some gives a red rose, it means that person has feeling of love and affection. But besides that red rose conveys meanings of courage and respect, romantic love, congratulation, and 'job well done'.

p Burgundy

Meaning of Unconscious Beauty

White Rose

Reverence, Purity, Secrecy, Innocence, Convey messages like "I am worth you" , "I miss you

Yellow Rose

Friendship, The New Beginning, Joy, Delight, 'I care", "I promise"

Pink Rose

Grace, "Thank you", Admiration, Sympathy, Happiness, Sweet thoughts

Lavender Rose

Enchantment, Love at first sight

Orange Rose

Desire, Enthusiasm, Passion, Fascination

Blue Rose

Impossible, Unattainable

Now you know the color of roses meaning, and it will become easy to express your feeling for someone with different colors or rose.