Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why was Facebook down on 4/23/10?

Facebook has huge amount of traffic and visitors than Google and any other websites. On 23rd of April, 2010, members and people were unable to log in Facebook for 30 minutes. The report was initially made at 5:40 PM EST and till 6:10PM EST there was still problem with Facebook.

With this problem that kept many people unable to use their Facebook account, they were rush into Twitter sharing thoughts and shares about Facebook shutdown. Twitter hit with extremely large amount of traffic and tweets.

Facebook officials haven't release any information why was Facebook down on 4/23/10. Many people thinks it was their server that crashed at that time. However, the recent information that Facebook released that their "Facebook Lite" version is shutting down by their developers and it has nothing to do with the Facebook down on 4/23/10.

There could be any reason why was Facebook down on 4/23/10 but now this problem is long gone but do Facebook members need to fear another server down problem in future? With the enormous members daily logging in Facebook, we think they have to maintain and watch their server more seriously if they want to avoid another problem.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

iPad having issues in some colleges

After the launch of iPad by apple, there has been some cases of connectivity problems with the device in some colleges like George Washington University, Princeton University and Cornell University. They are also concerned about about bandwidth overload, several malfunctions that can disturb the whole network in the university. The colleges and Apple together are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible or else this could be big blow to Apple.

Some colleges are already allowing the use of iPads without any problem but they also said there are some drawbacks. Teresa Brewer, Apple spokeswoman, said that she has no understanding over the problems occurring in some universities. Apple sold more than 500,000 iPads after their first week of product launch in stores.

iPads will be fully embraced in most of the colleges once the hard copies of books go electronic. However educational books will not be easily translated to ebooks due to non-standard-text material like mathematical formulas, graphs and others. We just have to see how Apple's iPad will go further.

Viagra for Woman - How the Little Pill is Changing our Sexual life

You have seen so many sexual arousing drugs especially for men. Drugs like Viagra has been used for having prolong and pleasurable sex. But what about women? Don't they want to increase sexual arousing and increase their normal intercourse time?

Now, the researchers have developed a drug which was tested on rabbits which they believe will be called Viagra for women. This drug increase blood flow to the genital organs which help in extending and enhancing their sexual life by prolonging the duration of arousal.

However, Viagra for women won't solve all sexual dysfunction and female sexual arousal disorder as major disorders are due to inadequate flow of blood, this Viagra for women maybe useful for those who are having hard time to create an interest on having sex with their partners. This happens when blood blows throughout the veins in genital organs.Researchers and doctors have said that if there isn't enough blood flow to genital area, no matter what age you are, you could have painful and unpleasurable sex.

Cat Travels 1,300 Miles From New Mexico To Chicago

A Cat named Charles disappeared eight months ago from his from his New Mexico home. The owner Robin Alex, of Albuquerque. was really upset back then, and she couldn't do much about it because she was in New Orleans.

After Eight month, she got a call and she was amazed to hear that Chicago Animal Care and Control had picked Charles. As she was in Chicago she said she couldn't afford to come to New Mexico and pick Charles and return.

Later on, an Albuquerque resident, Lucien Sims, was on his way to Chicago to attend a wedding ceremony, picked Charles by getting donation from a company for the trip to Chicago.

Charles finally got back to her owner after eight months by traveling 1,300 miles from New Mexico to Chicago.

Charles is in good condition, Alex says. She says she will be careful this time and won't let Charles loose again.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anti-rape Condoms - Launching in South Africa

Rape-aXe Spiked anti rape condom is now going to launch soon.
It is an unique condom developed by a woman named Dr. Sonnet Ehlers from South Africa. By seeing lots of sexual assaults she thought she had to do something about this and came up with this idea of Rape-axe spiked anti rape condom. However, the first testing sample was launched back in 2005 in August in Cape Province, South Africa. And now the first rape axe spiked anti rape condom will be launched this month.

So what is Spiked Anti Rape Condoms?
It is not your ordinary condom. It is new type of device condom which aids in the prevention rapes and which can later be used to catch the attacker.

Here is how Anti Rape condoms works =>
First of all a woman inserts anti rape condoms herself inside her vagina. Now when an attacker attempts penetration inside her vagina with his penis, the tiny spikes (razor-sharp barbs) inside the condom cause incredible pain when he tries to get his penis off. The condom can not be removed easily from his penis. Actually it can be removed from surgical process only. So when he goes to a hospital, he will get that condom off and will be immediately arrested.

It will be great testing ground for South Africa who is hosting FIFA World Cup 2010 this year.
In South Africa - a shocking report says, one out of every four South African men have raped a woman.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Barack Obama assassination attempt by Skinheads

Paul Schlesselman, a white supremacist, was plotting a plan to kill Barack Obama, was sentenced 10 year prison yesterday. Paul Schlesselman, an accomplice as white supremacist skinheads had planned for a cross-country robbery and mass killing of 88 African-American and behead 14 others back in 2008. They were then arrested for possessing an unregistered firearm. Their plan was to kill then presidential candidate Barack Obama after that massive killing, Authorities said.

A 19-year-old Paul Schlesselman was pleaded guilty. His another 21-year-old co-defendant Daniel Cowart is now awaiting the sentence. Cowart is suspected of a skinhead hate group, Supreme White Alliance (SWA) . An investigation revealed that these two men through the internet and planned the “killing spree” of 88 African-American and behead 14 others in African-American school.
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The number 88 is an important number are symbolic in skinhead numerology. It means 'Heil Hitler' and of course 'H' is the 8th letter of the alphabet. 14 is "14 words", slogan of white supremacy group. There has been increase in hate groups since 2000 by 50% in United States.

The iPad: A Cat's and Dog's Perspective

So last week Apple has announced their latest technological product which Steve Job's calls the product 'a magical and revolutionary product.' But wait, not only humans think that iPad is the next big thing. Even your cats and dogs agree with this.

Amazingly not only cat but dogs love iPads too.

So whats next? I think Apple will definitely use cats and dogs for the marketing iPads

Thank God you're man

Research showed that women have many choices than men. Women loves shopping. But they go through many many options before coming into any decision. Men however don't have time to make or choose any decision. Men are there to enjoy their lives and enjoy their time. Women feels that they have right to make choices for the things they want and they do it quite annoyingly . They immediately discard the option without any second thought. Now let's take an well researched example of a woman going to a bar to have a drink.

Compare that hierarchical descriptions of women when they have to go through the choices they have to make before going to restaurants and bars. You will be grateful to know that 'thank god you're man'