Making money with twitter

It is true that Twitter can be boring as hell. You might have some other better things than wasting your time on Twitter. But what you may not know is that this sucking time can really start up earning

Many big and small companies are sponsoring to tweets and advertise ( posting ads) around the network. This is really simple to do, but you have to be careful on some point. The main important thing is DON"T OVER DO IT!.

Okay lets get started then>>

What you need?
First of all, you will need a Twitter Account
You can go in their website:
Sign up there!

Sign up sponsored twitter websites:
Here is one site:
You need 50 followers to get started ie posting ads but I will tell how to get that in following steps. Once you get them, you will be paid to post ads.

And PayPal account.

How to get hundreds of followers?

You can't just sit in front of your computer and search for hundreds, even thousands of twitters. And you don't want to spend hours and hours spending on the internet finding websites which have 'follow me' icon and clicking them all day along. This will just take ages.
You need something like Phoenix Twitter Desktop download the software and install in your computer.

You will need to install .Net Framework, If you don't have it, the software will not install. So before you install the software, you better get the latest .Net here.

Now, you can install the software. Open it and Go to New Account Manager Window. Now you need to login with your twitter account. Click on New tab and put your login name and password.

After that, go to New Friend Adder Window, and login with your account. On Finding Friend Methods, you need to put keywords based on your interest eg: make money on twitter, weight loss, acnes, insurances etc etc.
Click GO!

Now it will start to add friends. Just keep an eye on status.

You will following only for now. In one or two days, you will start to get followers. At this point you need to make sure other people are following you, if they are not following in next 24 hours, just delete them.

Once you have enough followers, you will be asked to post ads and you will get paid.

It is up to you how much you can earn and what other techniques you will use.
But don't over do it, you will get BANNED.

Earn some bucks now!