Why was Facebook down on 4/23/10?

Facebook has huge amount of traffic and visitors than Google and any other websites. On 23rd of April, 2010, members and people were unable to log in Facebook for 30 minutes. The report was initially made at 5:40 PM EST and till 6:10PM EST there was still problem with Facebook.

With this problem that kept many people unable to use their Facebook account, they were rush into Twitter sharing thoughts and shares about Facebook shutdown. Twitter hit with extremely large amount of traffic and tweets.

Facebook officials haven't release any information why was Facebook down on 4/23/10. Many people thinks it was their server that crashed at that time. However, the recent information that Facebook released that their "Facebook Lite" version is shutting down by their developers and it has nothing to do with the Facebook down on 4/23/10.

There could be any reason why was Facebook down on 4/23/10 but now this problem is long gone but do Facebook members need to fear another server down problem in future? With the enormous members daily logging in Facebook, we think they have to maintain and watch their server more seriously if they want to avoid another problem.