Anti-rape Condoms - Launching in South Africa

Rape-aXe Spiked anti rape condom is now going to launch soon.
It is an unique condom developed by a woman named Dr. Sonnet Ehlers from South Africa. By seeing lots of sexual assaults she thought she had to do something about this and came up with this idea of Rape-axe spiked anti rape condom. However, the first testing sample was launched back in 2005 in August in Cape Province, South Africa. And now the first rape axe spiked anti rape condom will be launched this month.

So what is Spiked Anti Rape Condoms?
It is not your ordinary condom. It is new type of device condom which aids in the prevention rapes and which can later be used to catch the attacker.

Here is how Anti Rape condoms works =>
First of all a woman inserts anti rape condoms herself inside her vagina. Now when an attacker attempts penetration inside her vagina with his penis, the tiny spikes (razor-sharp barbs) inside the condom cause incredible pain when he tries to get his penis off. The condom can not be removed easily from his penis. Actually it can be removed from surgical process only. So when he goes to a hospital, he will get that condom off and will be immediately arrested.

It will be great testing ground for South Africa who is hosting FIFA World Cup 2010 this year.
In South Africa - a shocking report says, one out of every four South African men have raped a woman.
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