Fastest roller coaster in the world

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is yet to open this year. So you think you have been in the roller coaster, and you have experience the speed. Now all your hope for getting into extreme sport will become a reality when you will be in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi this year. Just 10 minutes from the International airport, the Ferrari World will blow all speed lovers mind away.

The Ferrari world will be the world's fastest roller coaster speeding over 200 km/h (125mph) making your need for speed go wild. An article from New York Time says the speed might just go just around 150 mph. Not much information has been released yet on this fanatic ride which could double the number of visitors this year. However, the most appealing feature of Ferrari World will be the giant red-domed roof resembling the trademark of Ferrari. Many other attractions will facilitates visitors, but main theme would be the fastest roller coaster in the world.