New Samsung Note III Smartphone

Well the competition among two of the largest smartphone makers in the world are going to release the latest Smartphones coming this September. The Galaxy Note III and a nwe iPhjone 5S and maybe iPhone 6 will be on the market this year.

The Galaxy Note III is going to have a larger screen of 5.3. If you think that is large, wait till the HTC to launch an HTC One Max with the screen size of 5.9 inch. The new HTC will have latest internal upgrades.

The Smartphone makers are rushing toward to make the large-screen phone which are going to be near the size of tablets from Apple. The screen size of a tablet is 7 inch.

We don't know if the customers will think whether the size of new Smartphone is good enough to replace tablets or simply think that is it is too big for any Smartphone. We just have to wait this year to see the excitements or apathy.