Father and son found alive in Vietnam Jungle after 40 years

Ho Van Lang, fled with his father 40 years ago and living in the jungle till now they were found in the jungle.
Picture: AAP
This astonishing discovery was made by two guys who went to the jungle 40 kilometer to find firewoods.They saw an estranged tree house. Later the villagers reported the local authorities to find what the fuss was about. After a search they found two men, an 82-year old man father  with his 41-yearl old son who have been living in the jungle for 40 years, totally out of the modern civilization, living as a jungle men.

Those men were hiding in the jungle when the country was in the verge of war with United States. Villagers said that the father, who was 42-years old then, fled the village with an infant on his hand after the village was attacked during the war back in 1973. The war teared down his home with a bomb explosion that also killed his wife.
Hung Van Thanh, now 82-years old, Found after 40 years in Jungle
Picture: AAP
Ho Van Thanh, who had an infant son, had been living in jungle for 40 years eating only vegetables that grew in the jungle and hunting animals. They stayed totally disconnected from outside world.

Both men has been hospitalized. The father, who is 82 now doesn't speak much. His nephew is now looking after him. Thanh looks little disoriented. He probably wants to go back to Jungle, says the nephew who has been keeping his uncle in his house. He says his uncle would probably escape so he is keeping an eye on him.