Symptoms of Alzheimer

There are many symptoms but one of the most known signs of Alzheimer disease is loss of memory. This sounds pretty normal for healthy people but the thing is when you start to forget something that you learned or you start to forget dates, and when you need a reminder note or help of electronic device to memorize information then you should be careful.

If you suddenly feel that you are not able to concentrate on your work like before or have difficulty in working with numbers then you should be careful. You may find it hard to do familiar things at homes.

Some people may experience loss of their ability to understand very simple things or they may forget what they were talking about, ask questions again and again and take longer time to complete daily routine which they would have done quickly earlier. People suffering from Alzheimer may have trouble understanding signs or visual images, cannot figure out which color is it or may affect in driving. They may also get lost in familiar road. Overall, this could lead to change in personality and lose awareness. The social skills also get depreciated due to this.

The above mentioned are some major symptoms of Alzheimer Disease. There are three stages of Alzheimer disease, Stage 1 Mild, Stage 2 Moderate and Stage 3 Severe. If you find any of the above symptoms in you or someone you care, then contact a doctor as soon as possible.