iPhone alarm not working - Ended with Fun, Started with Agony

iPhone alarm not working
iPhone alarm is not working – many people left to oversleep. The angry iPhone users experienced the first day of the Year 2011 in worst instead of bit of new plans. They were late for work and had to blame their iPhone alarm which didn’t work. The very first day for Apple’s new iPhone was supposed to make happy but they had to let down many thousands of customers.
The problem is when you set an alarm for the first time; it only affects one time alarms. But when you set another alarm to it, it won’t go. After a night of big festival, many people overslept by few hours and they got really angry. Some reports say that many people missed their flights.
Some information has be flowing around the internet about the reason of this blunder in iPhone is because of iPhone 4's operating system.
If you are iPhone user, then you can solve it by following method.


STEP 1. First you have to tap clock.
STEP 2. Then you have to tap Edit.
STEP 3. Now you have to tap your alarm.
STEP 4. Now you have to tap Repeat.
STEP 5. Now you have to set a repeat interval.
STEP 6. Now tap save
According to 9to5mac, by using above instructions, you can get rid of this iPhone alarm problem.