Right name improves sex appeal

Now you can find out how sexy is the person is just by looking up the names. Amy Perfors, a linguist, who started a research on this based on photographs of men and women on the topic who is hot, who is not in a website where viewers could rate them and had an interesting results on how Right name improves sex appeal.

A research in Massachusetts institute of technology suggested that the factors which defines how sexy the person is. It had to do with the vowel sound within a person's name.

A front Vowel which if present in names of Men, like "a" in Matt, or like "i" in Jimmy, were considered to be most attractive to women, the research entails. However those names with vowels at the back as in "aw" as in Paul or George considered less sexy to women just by their names.

But in Women, the situation is completely opposite. Men are more attractive to women who have back vowels in their names. Names like Rachel, or Kylie, Claudia, Gloria and they sounds more sexy.

Interestingly, these studies were carried out by posting the photograph with different names at different times to see the results on Right name improves sex appeal.

In addition to these phenomenon of names, a result also shows that Women were attracted to Men with slightly feminine character.