Things you should know when buying used cars

If you are thinking of buying a used car, there are couple of things that you need to know about used cars. Questions like - for what purpose you are buying a used car, how many people will drive that car, was the car involved in any sort of accidents, did the previous owner of the car has been in any insurance trouble, and many other information is required. After all you are looking for a vehicle that takes you from your home to your office, market, and even to a small trip. Here are few things that you need to follow-up before you buy a second hand car.

Check the mile-meter :- Generally, a used car which have driven not more more than 12K miles per year is considered good but not always necessary.

Owner of the car :- Is he or she the real owner of that car? If yes, they have complete information that you may inquire about the car and other details. Also ask car owner why he or she is selling it.

Car Condition :- This is probably very important part. The owner may answer in his own style but don't always go with it because the car may not be in the condition as he describes If the owner says for 10 years old car in excellent condition, then it might be that he is just making all this up.

Accidents :- Has the car been in any accidents before? You can always check out for information online where available.

Maintenance Record :- Make sure you can check all the maintenance records.

Car accessories :- If the car has accessories like CD player or DVD player, check it out if it works.

Car Tires:- Don't forget to check out car Tires to see if they are Ok or worn out.

Test Drive :- Go for a test drive. Check brakes and paddle.

Vehicle Inspection :- If the owner allows, you can let an experienced guy to check out the car before you buy it. This is usually when you don't have much ideas on used cars.

Bargain :-If everything looks good, you can at least ask or request the owner to lower the price if possible, and if not then be happy that you have just got yourself a new car.