How to make Irish Car Bomb - Easy Cocktail Drink

It is the name of a politically incorrect cocktail drink which is popular in Ireland. The first Irish Car bomb was created back in 1979 by a bartender, an instructor and an entrepreneur named Charles Burke Cronin Oat from Norwich C.T.

Due to its controversial name, some bartenders refuse to make this drink. But now you can make Irish Car Bomb yourself and blast with it.

Now lets talk about ingredients that you will need to make Irish Car Bomb

  • Guinness Beer or any stout beer ( 3/4 pint)
  • Irish cream liqueur (1/2 shot): Usually Bailey's
  • Irish whiskey (1/2 shot): Jameson is a better choice

Take a pint glass and fill it up the beer ( 3/4 pint)
Take a shot glass half fill Irish cream and the rest half with Irish whiskey.
Now quickly drop the shot glass into pint glass, and enjoy your Irish Car Bomb cocktail.